Sunday, February 25, 2007

I was struck by how the girl's hair resembles a fish and how unlikely you'd be to notice that if not juxtaposed with the store display.
It's interesting how analogous fishing and street photography are.
Streets are like rivers. Favorite spots. The art of "being quiet" and elusive. Specialized gear. The thrill of the snap. The catch. The stories about the ones that got away. A certain braggadocio and sense of camaraderie that both fisherman and street shooters share.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Down by Law

I turned and in a heart beat found myself at the exact right spot at the exact right time.

I had a camera with me; in fact I had two cameras with me. But I had violated the Second Law of Street Photography - "Always Be Composing - always." Keep the camera strapped to the hand, the aperture set, the focus locked, the shutter cocked, finger on the release.

I had two cameras with me that day - in a bag dangling from my shoulder. I might as well not brought them. The Japanese might as well not made them. Niepce might as well not invented them. Muse Street had made an offer but I had violated the Second Law.

Fortunately if you violate the Second Law, you can often take solace in the Third Law. The bittersweet saving grace Third Law of Street Photography: "if you see it once, you'll see it again." No doubt.