Saturday, December 22, 2007

War On Xmas

For the last several years I've been a photo journalist on the War On Xmas. This year I've yet to find much new to report, although admittedly I've been mostly in the green zone out of harm's way. So CLICK HERE to see the War On Xmas's past - and I'll add to the set any yule fire fights I might engage before year's end.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bat Street Photography

Here's one fresh off the frontal lobes - Bat Street Photography (BSp)

Hit the street blind folded (or at least with your eyes closed) - use your sense of hearing, your sense of smell, your street acumen to capture what your eyes cannot... also try not to step out in front of a bus....
Bat Street Photo no. 1 by bONGO.

BSp is like a work-out in the dojo, only you do it in the street... with a camera ... and nobody gets wacked - hopefully.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Camera Color Coincidence

Coincidence - when two unrelated events appear to be arranged or have some causal connection.

Color Coincidence - when it involves color.

Camera Color Coincidence - when there is a street shooter around to capture it.
Here two moving objects - man and bus would be gone seconds after the shutter snap. That transcient aspect is a plus but the photo could use more eye candy other than the left edge.

Here the color coincidence is between a stationary color reference and a (somewhat) transcient object. The man in black apparently discovering the coincidence is a plus but I can't help but wonder if the man in purple might have chose to wear a purple shirt knowing he was going to dine at Purples.Here the color coincidence is between two stationary objects - but is more interesting visually than the others - AND there is another reason why the third photograph will prevail, where the other two will eventually get the delete key - .

Yes, I enhanced the colors in all three photos - but the man in the first photo really was wearing red and yellow, and the man in the second really was wearing purple. But and this is a big BUT - if they were not I could have easily have changed them to achieve "color coincidence".

However in the third photo we know from life experience that those colors are true - that curbs by fire hydrants and driveways are painted yellow, that Yellow Tail wine uses a yellow tailed kangaroo in it's ads and this adds a certain cash value to the color coincidence that the others lack.