Saturday, June 21, 2008

Huh? WOW! WOW! Huh,?

Ed Ruscha, the artist once said:
Good art is Huh Wow, while Bad art is Wow Huh.
Here we have Wow! - cool shot of a skateboarder!... but then ...yeah so, Huh?
Here we have a guy with a cup of coffee - Huh? Then we notice the hair -wirey - like the trolley wires! And doesn't caffine make you wired! - WOW!

Then again Peter Schjeldahl, the art critic, once said:
"Art isn't inherently anything.... The possibility that the whole thing is bullshit can't be excluded."

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jannx said...

I like that quote from Peter "then again ... " I often ask myself if my stuff is crap. Problem is I can't tell because people fool me regularly. Oh well! If it was easy everyone would be doing it.