Monday, May 19, 2008

A Fake and A Fraud

a fake and a fraud -that's what I feel like every time I sit down to update this blog 'cause the truth is I haven't been doing much if any street photography lately - I'm ashamed to admit. I'm a bit burned out and bummed out but not completely blacked out - yet. I've seen some pretty good SP lately and it's got my competitive juices going some. I want to hit the bricks with a new attitude and a new set of eyeballs - forget all the BS I've been sprouting here, and see if I can still take a decent snap... we shall see.


jannx said...

Bongo! I think we all go thru this shit. I am in it right now. I've done zilch since February. It's disgraceful but frankly I don't give a shit. I'm feeling like I should , I'm obligated or something. It's bull but I still feel it.

I'm going to goof around for a while. I've tried to get on program and do some of the stuff I want to do but all I do is look at the grocery list of opportunities and sit on my ass or go to sleep! WTF!!

So... don't kick yourself too hard. I think it's just part of the cycle. I know something will kick in. I just have to get up. Walk out the door with a camera and

someday soon I hope.

ttyl , Jx

bONGO said...


Thanks for the commiseration. I've been long on responding cause frankly I couldn't bring myself to look at my own blogg.
I hope you've broke out of the funk, I think I've reached the nadir on mine or at least I'm thru crying in my beer about it - now on to actually doing something...